What You Need To Know

No one will ever tell you this, but I will.

There are two competing models for how risk management works. Most companies use one model. A few use the other.

At too many firms, risk management is mostly a way to keep busy until there is a crisis.

It’s not intentional.

To avoid this fate, you need wisdom and insights from the most seasoned practitioners. You need to understand the right model for risk management.

That is what my newsletter delivers.

I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I have worked with hundreds of risk managers.

Subscribe to my newsletter. Receiving two to four emails a week, you will gain my expertise—and theirs.

Not only do I share all the knowledge you need to implement the right model. I also share tools and techniques, case studies, some history, theory and even a little philosophy.

And to keep things “real” I sprinkle in anecdotes from my work as a risk management consultant.

Risk management is a journey. If you allow, I will be your guide.

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